Compact teamFoto: Silvia González.Compact team

Professionals Serving Society through Social Action, Education and the Management and Promotion of Research

The Quirónsalud Foundation was founded by the Quirónsalud hospital group out of a strong commitment to contribute to the improvement of society through the management and promotion of research and education, and through social action, which is consistent with the group’s commitment to society and the community, and its dedication to the creation of value.

The Quirónsalud Foundation is a result of the fusion of different foundations belonging to the largest hospital groups nationwide, which had been carrying out a wide variety of activities. Nowadays, it constitutes one of the main vehicles of Quirónsalud whose activity increases its responsible commitment to society, while keeping its original objectives.

In the research field, we manage and promote the dissemination of different studies, projects and clinical trials, and collaborate actively in fundraising so that these may be conducted in order to foster the innovation of medicine and healthcare.

With the Health Forum and the New Knowledge Unit, our aim is to create an open space in which professionals, patients, patients associations,, families and society in general can find a forum which is ideal for sharing knowledge and expectations.

Social action is mainly focused on the objective of collaborating and supporting patients, their families, workers and social services through the provision of assistance to people with disabilities or groups at risk of social exclusion, in addition to the promotion of ethics in all branches of health care, promoting innovation and new, socially just and environmentally sustainable alternatives.

This is our commitment to society, a commitment that we could not be attained without the professionals that are part of the foundation, who, with the passion and dedication they show day after day, lend us their effort and their knowledge to help us on our way to becoming what we want to be: a force for achieving a healthier, fairer and more responsible society.